Tell Me When It Closes - Charlie

This is a simple app that sends you an email reminder when an issue you're interested in is closed. Useful for keeping track of bug fixes without needing to deal with the noise of following the issue. It'd be nice if Github added this eventually but for now this looks good enough.

Meditations on learning Haskell (2014) - Charlie

An editorial version of a discussion where some people who enjoy using Haskell talk about the benefits they draw from it.

ORM Hate (2012) - Elena

An article written by Martin Fowler where he tries to dispell the notions that ORMs are bloatware and that your own in-house ORM is automatically better. One argument for using an existing ORM is that it can handle 80-90% of mapping problems, which is actually a pretty good reason to use one in the first place since it saves you 80-90% of the hassle.

Cacio E Pepe - Ben

Mmmm, stripped down mac and cheese

The Majestic Monolith - Elena

DHH is making the case for why splitting your application into multiple parts is not always the best approach. Although microservices fit very well with the organizational structure of large companies, the same patterns might not make sense and can prove counter-productive for smaller companies. He uses Basecamp as a case study for a successful monolith that's been running since 2003, and argues that one of the advantages of working on it is that you have to understand it as a whole, avoiding fragmentation of knowledge and responsibility.

Track of the Week - Chris C

I think there can only be a few choices for my Track of the Week this week. I’ll let it speak for itself…

Spice Girls - Goodbye