Exploring other rubies - Murray S


In this article Brian Shirai from the Rubinius team describes some new features that rubinius has that ruby doesn't. What's most interesting to me is that rubinius is now experimenting with language features; it's no longer just an experiment in implementing as much of ruby as possible using ruby itself (in contrast with MRI ruby where large chunks of ruby are implemented in C).

The language features described are fairly interesting, but without support in MRI I don't know how much traction they'll get. I don't suppose that's the point though as rubinius now describes itself as a platform for building programming languages. It'll be interesting to see how far the two diverge, and if this means that new language features from rubinius are now more or less likely to end up back in MRI ruby.

EA Games and Origin quietly bans an entire country - or, why you shouldn't take digital distribution for granted. - Charlie E


In what looks like an effort to avoid liability; EA turned of it's digital distribution service Origin for users in Myanmar. While an intersting story in itself, it also highlights the fragility of DRM'd services we so often take for granted.

Awesome Falsehood - Charlie E


A good long list of all the things you can get away with - most of the time.

A Rubyist looks at Crystal - Chris H


An short but interesting article about Crystal from a Rubyists perspective. You will see in the examples here that the syntax is similar although compatability is not a goal of the language. It shows some interesting features like the arity and type based method overloading and has inspired me to look at some of the more advanced language features.

Track of the Week - Anissa S

Love the different edges to the song

Frank Ocean - Wild Fire