house_style - Murray S

Like most developers I don't really get on with source code linters - I find them too rigid and the default choices don't always meet the way I'd prefer to write some code. That said, I do understand that they provide a useful service; they remove the need for us developers to have debates about the "right" or "wrong" way to write code - we just do what the linter says and move on. This article from Scott Matthewman introduces a new gem called house_style that helps with using a linter across multiple projects. He also explains where the linters rules come from and, most importantly, how to configure the linter to suit your needs. As Scott says, my preferred style isn't always your preferred style so we can all use the same linter, but choose different style rules.

can_computers_become_conscious - David B

Something that's always intrigued me, and which I'm putting off until I have a spare weekend to solve it - consciousness for computers. The article does get quite technical (quantum gravity and microtubules…?), but interesting to think about anyway! It offers lots of opportunity for further research for those interested in this field.

Track of the Week - Paula S

This is enticing summer to come along at last. With a little help from Larry Levan. And until then, let's go dancing.

Let's go dancing by Larry Levan