The modern bank robbery - Tadas T

With GitHub's recent DDoS attack and Slack hacking media is starting to take cybercrime more seriously and writes more about these topics. However this is a terrible yet fascinating story that deserves more attention about what has to be the most sophisticated bank robbery to date.

Tickets for Restaurants - Murray S

This article is a long post-mortem by the owner of a handful of restaurants, mostly in Chicago, about their switch from standard reservations via phone and sites like OpenTable to a new tickets-based solution. Interestingly instead of using existing software providers they decided to develop the new solution in-house to meet their exact requirements. I read this because I like eating in fancy restaurants and have bookmarked these restaurants to visit if I ever take a trip to Chicago. What I enjoyed most though is that this is a story about exactly the kind of software development I was promised when I first started coding many years ago: building custom software for engaged clients that know their business with a shared goal of helping them serve their customers better. We often get caught up in writing software for its own sake and can lose sight of why we're writing it in the first place. For me this article was a good reminder.

Stop using tail -f - Neil vB

Using 'tail -f' to monitor log files is useful but it's hard to search the log. This post suggests the use of 'less +F' so that you can easily switch between logging and navigation.

A JS physics engine for touch interactions - Henry T

Hopefully little pieces like this will make non-native apps easier to use and write.

Why everything breaks when you reach 25 employees - Tadas T

This article analyses the reasons behind the chaos caused by the initial company growth stage. Having witnessed this effect myself I found this article very insightful. Understanding the possible reasons behind it will hopefully help to address the problems better next time.

Track of the Week - Paula S

There are so many tracks that deeply move me, but not so many that always make me laugh. But I know I can always count on these guys:

Flight of the Conchords - Hurt Feelings