Static Site Generators - Charlie E

A static site generator for every language. I feel like I missed someone influential claiming static site generators are literally the best side project ever. Good list nonetheless.

PostgreSQL's Powerful Lateral Join - Elena T

Although it was introduced a few iterations ago, in Postgres 9.3, the LATERAL join is worth a mention since it allows you to go over each resulting row of a query and perform a second sub-query. This is also cool because the subquery can take parameters. The subqueries are not evaluated independently so you have access to the results from previous executions.

awesome-bits - Charlie E

Another (more awesome) list. Basically it's a write up of bit wise operations of varying complexity, most of the simple ones work in Ruby too.

Doors - Murray S

In my time I've certainly played enough games to understand the specific design problem that Liz England describes for doors in game worlds. That's not the only reason I like this article though. It makes me think about other design choices I might make when building software and reminds me that if it seems "simple" I might need to think a bit more about it to understand the true impact on other users.

Track of the Week - Leon O K

...gloriously fragile, yet overwhelmingly powerful. Like the innocent memories of youth are fogged by excess.

MGMT - Time to Pretend