Why digital products show no respect for our time - and what we might do about it - Carrie


Too many products are designed to simply suck you in and waste your time. The success metrics for such products are "the more time spent, the better"... the outcome is addictive designs that manipulate users 'with slot-machine psychology, and have no respect for users' time or their desire to live fulfilling lives'. So Tristan argues we need to change the metrics for design success, such that they measure good outcomes for users and remain economically viable for the technology provider.

The Aeroplane Game - Carlo


I've used this game to teach the concepts of limiting work in progress in a very tangible and effective way. Growing Agile has finally written up the version I use (there are a few others out on the web, but I prefer this one).

Track of the Week - Claire

This song got me through some of the most difficult times in the last couple of years. I blasted it in the car on the way back from Oxford after Liv's surgeon told me she got the whole tumour out and Liv was in recovery. I would also stick it on for the 4 % inclines in my training runs.

It's a cracker!