Advancements in version control - Murray

This isn't a comprehensive history of version control, but it doesn't try to be. What it does do is skim over the major advancements in version control: from first deciding to keep source code in a text file all the way up to the distributed VCS we have with git. It's useful to reflect on how things used to be and how each new idea for improvement built on top of the previous version. Makes you wonder what tiny change will happen to give us the exciting new types of VCS we'll be using in 5-10 years time. Perhaps something that helps rebasing be less painful?

Facebook-lite - Dom

For all the talk of React, Facebook haven’t forgotten where the big traffic is and are building Facebook-lite (again) for low end Android

Crowdsourced Game Design - Dom

The Xbox One #IDARB game dev team source design via Twitter, get moaned at for being too simplistic by other devs, public don’t care and flock to the game

Track of the Week - Henry

This week I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to the game Journey and going back to old The National stuff. Chase away those February blues with Runaway

"There's no saving anything, Now we're swallowing the shine of the sun, There's no saving anyth…”