Basic Performance Analysis - Ben W

I've always wanted an easy way to look at what my processes are doing. This seems very handy for poking at any slow server processes to see what going on.

Always be learning - Murray S

I used to give a talk to developers on a bootcamp where I'd try to explain that the end of the bootcamp wasn't going to be the end of their "learning to be a developer" journey. Pretty much all you do as a developer is learn about new tools, libraries, programming languages, architectures, methodologies, etc. Laura Tan's article explains it much more clearly than I ever did.

The Tectonic Typesetting System - Charlie

If you've written documents in TeX you'll likely remember that the tooling is pretty frustrating. I haven't used Tectonic but reading the blurb it seems to have some great features such as automatically looping the processing of TeX and BibTeX files the minimum number of times.

Election Data - Sarah B

This updates every day I think with predictions for next week and displays it by constituency too.

Pairing with Junior Developers - Elena T

As more and more tech teams welcome new coders from bootcamps, people are debating what's the best way to handle working with junior developers. This is a nice read about how to structure your pairing session with your local neighbourhood junior dev.

Track of the week - Henry T

It’s an early Jamie xx single. I like the steel drums.

Jamie XX - Far Nearer