Poorly designed doors - Tom S


A short video about ‘Norman doors’: a door where the design tells you to do the opposite of what you’re actually supposed to do. Sound familiar?

This Is How You Design Your Mobile App for Maximum Growth - Matt T


Interesting article of many things to consider when designing an app. I’ll be studying this in detail next time I write an app!

The Cost of Frameworks - Tom S


A half an hour talk from FFConf by Paul Lewis comparing load times of modern frameworks on mobile devices. At approximately 25:40 in the video (or the results section in the blog post), Paul brings up a comparison of some major frameworks showing bootstrap time using TodoMVC as an example. The cost it takes to bootstrap some frameworks are quite shocking when compared to vanilla JS.

Where was this photo taken? - Murray S


AI has always been "just around the corner". It's worth thinking about what we mean when we say "AI" though. Chances are it's the sci-fi ideal of a fully concious constructed being like SkyNet or Lt. Data or <insert your favourite here>. Reading this article I'm left with the impression that what actually might be "just around the corner" (e.g. deployed and in-use very shortly) are tools that can exceed our abilities in one hyper-focussed task.

Track of the Week - Henry T

It's a bit country. It's a bit spanish. I don't really know what it is. Enjoy!

"King of Spain" by The Tallest Man on Earth

Written by Murray Steele