Code review culture - Patrick V

I've seen and experienced a lot of code reviews over the years ranging from useful learning to stylistic pedantry to damaging of relationships. The Ruby Rogues have a conversation around code review culture and how to be effective doing code reviews. Tone and attitude are keys to making it successful and useful to a team. Don't say "why didn't you just... \<do it the way I thought of first>"

The trouble with events... - Dom M

'Events' as a content type is extremely difficult to manage, and Hugh Malkin should know, having built a business in this area with 1m+ users. Now at Time Out, he talks frankly and openly, with data and design details, about the problem with 'events'.

The hows and whys of Flat Design - Murray S

A useful primer on where Flat Design came from and what the common pitfalls are with the approach. It's definitely worth being reminded that while aesthetics are important, usability should win if a compromise needs to be made.

CAD, the final mobile service interface to fall? - Dom M

The $12T global design business is still dependent on monolithic CAD software. Onshape is setting out to change that with mobile and web browser interfaces for creating full scale, useful CAD models.

Refining user stories - Matt T

When I was new to Scrum I struggled to clearly understand how to break user stories down from Epics to something more manageable. This is a good concise post which will help you understand how to do it.

ArrrrrBnB - Dom M

How design thinking and piracy saved AirBnB

A practical approach to integrating your micro-monoliths - Henry T

Skip to the "Vertical Decomposition" and then "Integration" sections if you've read enough of this type of article. Simple practical (obvious?) advice for integrating services before going down the micro-service route.

Just say NO!​​ - Dom M

Eight compelling feature requests and how to say no to all of them

Track of the Week - Otto L

"Pyhä yksinkertaisuus" by Stam1na

This piece of Finnish heavy metal will give you all the help you need for emptying the sprint backlog before the weekend. The title "Pyhä yksinkertaisuus" translates roughly to "Sacred simplicity".

Written by Murray Steele