LessPass: Next-Gen Open Source Password Manager - Charlie E


Even if AES-256 has so far proven unbreakable; maybe we don't need to store passwords at all. LessPass uses a combination of the domain; username and master password to re-generate your password each time it's required. There's also an optional, self hosted encrypted password store for passwords and a cool emoji-hash indicator to make sure you're entering your master password correctly (see here).

How H.264 works - Murray S


Early in this article about how the h.264 video codec works Sid Bala shows the filesizes for a png of a webpage and a 5 second h.264 encoded video of the same image. The video is 17% of the size of the image. This is pretty amazing. The rest of the article goes into the tricks that h.264 plays to achieve that compression. It's well worth your time to read this even if you've never really thought about video encodings.

My fight against CDN libraries - Charlie E


A short write up of some alternatives to consider before reaching for that CDN library & it's associated privacy concerns. Discussion

Track of the Week - Boris D

It’s Say a Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin. It’s a perfect morning song and I like to listen to it during breakfast. Gets my spirits up!

I say a little prayer - Aretha Franklin