A Tailing of Two Logs - Ben W


I've been running many servers during development recently and the number of logs is getting out of hand. I still want to see them all but don't want to devote my entire screen to log terminals. Thankfully, a really old unix blog has come to the rescue, my favourite: tail -f /var/log/syslog -f /var/log/auth.log

Scrum Masters, Do No Harm - Richard S


Our Scrum Masters add value to projects but it’s always good to remember that they should add value to the team.

Reflections on mobbing - Murray S


Mob programming is the hot new development practice for teams to try. I've tried it out a couple of times and I'd recommend that any team give it a go. However, just like pairing, you need to know what you're getting into and set some hard rules so that you get the most out of it. To that end it's useful to hear from teams that have been doing it for a while and have already ironed out some of the problems you might encounter.

Track of the Week - Clive C

So many good memories associated with this track and the Black Sands album in general! Particularly relaxing with friends down by the river, just on the outskirts of Splashy Fen in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Kiara by Bonobo