A clear view through future nonsense - Martyn E


Rather than waiting passively for technology to change the world, let's see how much we can do with what we already have.

Choose Boring Technology - Tadas T


Dan McKinley talks about focus on product, and what does it actually mean to choose the right tool for the job (sneak peek: it's not what's trending on Hacker News).

DDD 10 years on - Patrick V


Software Engineering Radio talks to Eric Evans 10 years after his Domain Driven Design book was released. There is an interesting discussion on how the community has grown and the architectural evolutions that have grown out of DDD and contribute to how it is perceived today. I particularly enjoy the opening description of DDD which is what Eric intended by DDD but so many people didn't read far enough into the book to read and hence fully understand.

Birdly for Slack - Charlie E


File expenses via direct message on Slack. (Beta)

Address forms - Murray S


Some user research on how best to present forms for requesting address information from your users. In one particularly egregious case I had to enter my home address as: <number and street>, London, London, London, United Kingdom, <postcode>, so it came as no surprise to me that a single textbox is a better option than splitting up the address into several mandatory fields. I was surprised to read the downsides to that approach are that people expect to split their address up, even when doing so confuses them! It's really good to see this sort of research being done, and being published for all.

Track of the Week - Gavin

Even though like Rick I'm going to be Rolling on soon, I will never give you lot up.

"Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley