Why Typography Matters — Especially At The Oscars - Andrew W


Typography is a crucial element of good design and we see it all around us everyday from billboards to road signs. So when you're in a high pressure environment like presenting an award with millions of people watching what you don't need is confusion. Benjamin Bannister shows us how problems could've been spotted as soon as Warren Beatty pulled the card from the envelope with a little application of typography.

What makes WebAssembly fast? - Charlie E


While this is really about WebAssembly, there's also quite a bit in here about how Javascript is executed by browsers and why parsing and decoding steps - as well as missing type information - make it slower than running WebAssembly. It's part of a series but I hadn't read the others and found it to be quite accessible. Also worth stopping by caniuse.com for a reality check!

How to automate restocking your kitchen with AI and a Raspberry Pi camera - Elena T


While there's an option to buy Amazon Dash buttons for quickly re-ordering items in your house, this article explains how the same technology can be automated using a Raspberry Pi and an AI script. The AI spies on your products using a camera and decides whether it's time to re-order items in your house. This is one IoT project that I'd like to try out, although I'd be scared of accidentally moving my food from its expected position and winding up with too much of it.

webshit weekly - Charlie E


Weekly satirical summaries of the distracted Hacker News hive mind - almost as good as this amazing parody thread from a few years ago...

Track of the Week - Richard S

Sometimes a song sticks in your head and sets you off in a good mood. This is one of those songs for me.

Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me