Everybody is running away to start something - Claire K


At Unboxed we are trying to encourage the Intrapreneur model without the Corporate title.

For your own sake, dumb things down! - Dom M


Dumbing things down just not just involve simplification, you need to be more creative than that, because, as this short blog explains 'it's not enough to understand what other don't understand... It's super important.'

Hack to Start podcast - Tadas T


A podcast focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success. Very suitable format for 20-40min commutes, interesting interviewees, no useless chatter.

When start-ups meet regulation... a podcast with a lawyer - Dom M


There's a great deal of investment in all kinds of start-ups across finance, pharma, health, transport and other regulation heavy sectors... Is that a naive gamble when large corporations are mired in the same regulation? How can start-ups cope without teams of lawyers or years of experience?

An optional type system for Ruby? - Henry T


The word on the street is that something static like is being considered for Ruby 3.

Track of the Week - Carmen B

It was hard to choose one, it's so many I love, but I decided to go for one of my favourite Foo Fighter's songs 'Monkey Wench'.

This is my second favourite song in The Colour and The Shape. It just lift my spirits every time.

Written by Murray Steele