Thoughts on code review - Murray S

Github recently released some new features for doing code-review in pull-requests so it's a good time to have a think about what code-review really is, and how we should go about doing it. I really like the things that David A. Black says in this timely article. He suggests that review is about checking for unclear code, not nitpicking that it's not exactly the code you would have written.

Running Online Services at Riot - Charlie E

First in a series about the process & infrastructure behind League of Legends.

15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 minutes - Tom R

Ever wanted to hear your favourite sorting algorithms at work? Now you can! Today I googled “cocktail shaker sort”, because I had no idea it existed.

Retracing Original Object-Oriented Programming - Charlie E

While perhaps a little long, it raises some interesting points about what object orientation really means.

Ruby vs. Python - Murray S

As a former Python developer and a current Ruby developer I found this article about the differences between the two extremely useful.

Track of the Week - Carlo K

Something a little different. Carl Cox's iconic Ibiza club night Space is closed after 15 years. This is his 8 hour closing set presented in two parts. Part one has a more retro feel as he tries to summarize 15 years of dance music including classics like "The Bells" by Jeff Mills.

Carl Cox - Live @ Space, Ibiza Sept 2016 Closing Party, Part 1 of 2

Carl Cox - Live @ Space, Ibiza Sept 2016 Closing Party, Part 2 of 2