The Perils of Semantic Coupling - Patrick V


Some interesting comments around designing systems and not coupling every service to the One True Concept, despite the drive we some times get to attempt to find that. Useful reading if you're getting a highly couple system that is harder to change.

Remote or co-located pairing - Alex B


Two cursors for twice the fun.

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks - Tadas T


A fascinating walkthrough of a fairly simple RNN algorithm that (almost) learns writing poems, Wikipedia articles, Linux source code, LaTeX etc.

Revisiting Ruby Refinements - Murray S

Refinements have been a feature of ruby for a while now, but they’ve not really seen much use due to their experimental status and some high profile articles proclaiming them to be problematic. Since ruby 2.1 they’re not considered experimental anymore so it’s worth getting to know them better. A good start is the above article by Avdi Grimm in which he has made a ruby tapas video about them freely available to help us explore refinements in more detail.

Track of the week - Claire K