Static typing will not save us from broken software - Charlie E

I think this is an interesting topic. This is a writeup of the tradeoffs of static typing & automated testing. I think one key point is that it's often easier to cover a bug that made it into the wild with a test than model it in a type system. There's also a good discussion over on Hacker News.

welcome.js - Murray S

In response to the scary warning that Facebook add to the developer console, James Bridle has created a script you can run on your website to make the console more friendly to users who stumble upon it by mistake. Viewing the source and using the browser to make changes to see how things work is one of the best ways we have to encourage people to learn about how the web works.

How the Sexual Health: 24 service used GOV.UK patterns - Graeme M

A nice feature on the GDS blog. A further look into the SH:24 story, following a trip to GDS by their Service Development Director.

Track of the Week - Bergen L

Following on from Gary's inspiration of old school punk rock, it is a song from my youth which seems appropriate considering the fact that I'm mid-way through exam season and my brain feels like stew.

Green Day - Brain Stew/Jaded