All about Elon Musk’s new brain company! - Matt T

Another incredibly informative post on Wait But Why. This time about what Elon Musk’s new company, Neuralink, is set up to do and what its short term and long term goals are. In my view Musk is a visionary who looks at the long (long) game. I’m very interested to see what his businesses can achieve.

Helix: Native Ruby Extensions Without Fear - Andrew W

Developers are always complaining that Ruby is slow and one common way of dealing with that is to write performance critical parts of your application in C. However that's fraught with difficulty and dangers - it's notoriously easy to introduce security issues with C and MRI's C API is large and complex. There's now a new way to handle this - Helix, which is a way of using the type and memory-safe features of Rust to implement performance critical code in your Rails application.

Lessons learned from moving my side project to Kubernetes - Charlie

I've tried and failed to get a side-project hosting Kubernetes cluster running the way I want (at the price I'd like) various times now. This isn't really a tutorial but he talks running a cluster on Digital Ocean, some of the issues he came across and gives links to a project as an example.

Track of the Week - Elena T

Two Steps from Hell helped me quit coffee. Not only that, it helped me get in the zone when I arrived at work. Bonus: it all sounds like you’re in LOTR/Skyrim about to slay the most epic dragon. I recommend the whole album if the coffee cravings kick in after 12.

Two Steps from Hell - Victory