Exiting Vim is Still an Issue - Crystal


StackOverflow has reached a big milestone - 1 million people have visited the page to find out how to leave Vim. Here's a great article about it with some stats around who and where the visitors are.

How AWS Cloud is demolishing the cult of youth - Elena T


Most of today's tech leviathans were founded by people in their 20s: Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google. Younger founders and employees have more time to dedicate to the job and higer stamina. Zuckerberg is fondly called "Uncle Zuck" even though he's still only 33.

There's just one problem with that: most companies, after they've started growing, have been chaired by "seasoned talent", both in the executive and technical departments. The AWS engineering team has a median age of around 40-45 (guesstimate). The article then goes on to describe why the existence of a "distinguished engineer" is important for a business.

Tulips, myths and cryptocurrencies - Elena T


A nice parallel between the tulip boom and bust of the 1600s and the current cryptocurrency bubble.

Are we making the web too complicated? - Elena T


A plea for patience in making the web less complicated and letting people experiment and reinvent, even at the expense of insane complexity at first.

Fontjoy - Generate font combinations with deep learning - Charlie


If you're like me and have suffered from choice paralysis browsing Google Fonts then this might be helpful - basically it helps match header and body fonts. They also have a cool visualization of similar fonts.

Man Loses Will to Live During Gentoo Install - Charlie


If you've ever tried to install linux without an GUI installer you'll likely find this amusing. There are lots of other good ones.

Track of the Week - James C

I’m going for the song that should have won Eurovision 2017, Yodel it! If you’re having a bad day, this will surely make you feel better.

Ilinca & Alex Florea - Yodel it! (Official Video) Eurovision 2017