"fs" unpublished and restored - Charlie E


In responding to a flagged package, npm Inc. broke project builds that had mistakenly required the bogus "fs" package rather than requiring the "fs" module from Node.

Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices - Chris H


The Core Infrastructure Initiative fund and support free and open-source software projects. I recently came across their Best Practices Badge Program which has been created to encourage projects to follow best practices, help new projects discover what those practices are and help users know which projects are following them. A useful reference for anyone who maintains an open source project, or is interested in starting one, the details are summarised on the readme if you'd prefer a shorter read.

Generating fantasy maps - Murray S


This appeals to me for a couple of reasons. The first is that it's nice to read about code and algorithms that I'm unlikely to get to use in my day-to-day work. The second is that, like a classic nerd, I grew up reading fantasy books and always loved the maps that they came with. So this article is pretty much perfect for me.

Track of the Week - Claire K

This song throws me straight back into the teeth-gnashing and breast-beating melodrama that being a teenager encompasses. I loved it during a wonderfully wicked time of independence and fear, excitement and heartbreak. More recently applicable to my experience of childminders... let down and hanging around [with children], [ambitions of coming in to Blossom street to do adult talk] crushed like a bug on the ground. Bittersweet. Enjoy.

'Let Down', Radiohead