Online communication approaching DOS syntax? - Dominic M

The increased use of a programmatic lexicon within text messaging and bots within messaging apps makes many conversations within Twitter and Slack approach command line code.

Using SimpleDelegator for your Decorators - Grant S

You can use SimpleDelegator (which is standard ruby) to implement the decorator pattern on your models for your views.

Installing web-apps in 2015 - Murray S

This rant about installing a rails-based web-forum reminds me of a similar post from the early days of rails. The result of the discussion started by that old post was that we got tools like passenger that simplified deploying and managing rails applications. Hopefully this new post will have a similar outcome and rally the community to develop new tools that make things easier again.

Track of the Week - David B

"So`ne Musik" by Deichkind

It’s hard to pick a favourite from Deichkind, a hip-hop/electro group from Hamburg. They’ve been around for almost 2 decades and have changed their style considerably over the years, starting as more traditional hip hop band, but have gone a lot more electronic in recent years (complete with Daft-Punk-ish outfits). They are known for the great live performances, including crazy outfit changes, spraying the audience with beer and vodka (and feathers?) and using inflatables to crowd surf. “Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah)”, “Arbeit nervt” and “Leider geil” are also great!