RTL scripts and BiDi webapps - Andrew W


Mike, the author of Sidekiq has some useful tips on how to handle right-to-left scripts in web applications.

The State of Web Performance - Tom S


A write up of a Q&A session. Includes opinions of the industry in general, trends for 2017 and the current challenges in web performance.

18 months as a developer - Tom S


Amy Simmons' writes about her first year and a half as a developer. The blog post provides some really interesting insights into her day-to-day work at Twitter, sometimes comparing to her old developer job. She covers five topics; deployments, code review, feature flagging, data driven experiments and recruitment.

11 techniques for improved website performance - Tom S


This chap set out to make the 'fastest site in the world'. He certainly seems to enjoy writing about it. Each technique has some investigation, his implementation and usually a chart of varying styles to compare the speed improvements. I doubt every technique will be applicable for y(our) web apps but it's nice to see what he is doing to make every speed improvement possible, at least for his app!

In another Capybara session - Tom S


Sometimes you need to be switching sessions in your spec, perhaps to check that a change to one view does not impact another. Capybara allows us to create new sessions easily with Capybara.session_name = :foo. This little helper allows you write blocks of code that are executed in an independent session and switches you back to the main, default, session. Make use of it as you see fit!

Recruiting Right - Claire K


There have been a couple of links flying around over the last week or so related to how recruitment processes in companies are broken. What we actually want is to have as many conversations about the good stuff a candidate can do as possible. We also want to give that candidate enough information about us to enable them to make better choices. Which is why we send detailed feedback on their coding test, regardless of whether or not we progress. It seems that these companies try to do similar things.

Git Standup - Charlie E


It's often helped to remind yourself of what you were doing yesterday before standup. This is a simple git extension that prints out each commit from the day before; it can also jump back a number of days with git standup -d 3 for checking on a Monday morning.

Stackoverflow Developer Survey - Charlie E


Thought it was worth posting this; some interesting bits in there (Rust and Smalltalk as 'most loved'; developers using Windows - even if there's likely to be something of a .Net skew)

Track of the Week - Gram

I was going to choose a Janet Jackson song. But as it's Paula's last day (sob), I've gone for a Paula classic!

David Bowie - Let's Dance