Getting lean makes healthcare fitter - Dom M

Applying lean techniques to healthcare to reduce admin by 10k hours and costs by 24-49% across three conditions.

Dropdowns, more like dropdon'ts, amirite? - Murray S

Luke Wroblewski explains why dropdowns are often a poor choice for mobile design; they take more taps to enter data than some alternatives, and they hide the possible choices. Thankfully he also provides tips on alternatives that you can use instead. Mining a similar vein Alice Bartlett gives a talk where she explains some of the research they did at GDS to come to the same conclusion: Burn your <select></select> tags (this version of the talk from jQuery UK 2015 back in March, you may be able to catch it in person if you go to Nordic JS 2015 in September)

Accessing valuable documentation 3 key taps sooner - Jon N

This might not be anything new but, Googl'ing for commands to something you can't quite remember is pretty annoying, and especially when learning a new language like Ember.js. I recently found and have been trying to use Dash instead of reverting to google and getting irrelevent results.

Dash is a program which has collated over 150 documents from postgres to Ember to even cheatsheets from Sublime Text to Capybara which can be useful for picking up new things and even allows you to download docs for a specific version - which in Ember.js is pretty cool, as well as annotating the docs. In addition it also allows you to create you own cheatsheets and custom docs.

Have a look at it - you might just be surprised how much of a learning resource it can also be.

Sell 'exciting horse riding experiences' not 'saddles' - Dom M

The core brand ethos can change the way you talk to your customers, the way your staff talk to each other and ultimately, the way you do business

Track of the Week - Rich A

“Toto” by Africa

It’s the only song we’re allowed to listen to over here