Slow programming - Murray

When I talk with developers in the early stages of their career one thing I try my hardest to let them know is that it's ok to take your time. There's a mindset that productivity and speed are the most important things about being a programmer, and to be anything less than a "10x engineer" is a waste of your time. I don't believe this narrative and I'm happy to see discussion of an alternative. I particularly like that Jeffrey describes his way of working as starting with a bunch of hacks and extracting good code from it once it is functionally complete; we don't have to write perfect code from the first keystroke.

Typeset in the future - Dom

An exceptional detailed analysis of the fonts, icons, and device interfaces of the film Alien.

SmartUnderline (JS library) - Tom S

Style underlined text more beautifully so that letter descenders have a little bit of padding to the left and right of the line.

Regular expression visualiser - Tom S

Breaks down a regex so that you visually see how it has been constructed.

Data maps of London - Tom S

I love data visualisations. I especially love these visualisations of London. A few examples being:

  • a network map showing where people commute from
  • a range of colours overlaid on London showing different ethnic groups
  • Central Line vs average rent

The JS console object is brilliant: 5 functions you didn’t know existed - Tom S

Create tables from an array of hashes (console.table(object)) and grouping messages together (

The creative side of sneaker culture - Dom

Inspirational design, even though it clearly started life as a pun ;)

Ruby in the future - Paula

Interesting and quite complex review of the newest things in Ruby which can be useful in the future.