Social media privacy (or lack thereof) - Crystal

An old video, but may well still apply to a horrendously large amount of people. Lock down your social media privacy settings!

The Churn - Tom R

Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin) has been in software since 1970, so you'd have to expect that he's seen patterns, frameworks and languages come and go with some regularity.

Here, in a discussion where some parts will seem oddly familiar to all of us, he reminds us that we may be confusing movement with progress in the tech world, and that we should be careful about moving to new tools before we (dispassionately!) compare them to what's come before.

Track of the Week - Charlie E

Might as well go with a Scottish themed entry. I think Runrig are pretty great, and this is my favourite from their 2016 album. It's a sad song but I think that's good sometimes.

'The years we shared' by Runrig