Five Months of Kubernetes - Charlie E

Continuing yesterday's AWS theme; this looks like a good write up of Kubernetes on AWS. I'm thinking trying out kube-aws (the tool mentioned in the article) this weekend.

Always more to learn - Murray S

It's worth remembering that as a developer there's always more to learn. New frameworks crop up every other week, new languages every year or so, and existing tools change as well. The constant rate of change can be daunting. This article reminds us that the important thing is to learn enough to get you through the task you're trying to complete. You can come back and do some deeper investigation to gain a better understanding later if you have to.

MIT License Line by Line - Andrew W

All developers will over the course of their career either use open source or contribute to it so it's good to know what are the rights and restrictions when it comes to one of the most popular, and the one used by Ruby on Rails itself, the MIT License.

Track of the Week - Mareliza K

We used to listen to Sigur Ros, drink condensed milk and smoke menthol cigarettes in university. Nowadays, in between baby, work and rest we put Sigur Ros on repeat over weekends... :)

Valtari by Sigur Rós