Emotional design - Claire


I came across this article on design thinking in an organisation. It would be awesome if we could inject emotion into our internal products, if using them made us feel good, we would be moved to create even better digital solutions for our customers….

A Pricey Way to Learn How to GitHub - Tom S


A developer found out the hard way that you should never push your API keys to GitHub. Even if you can rewrite history, a bot probably has got there before you!

The Evolution of JavaScript - Tom S


A fantastic talk by Jafar Husain from Netflix gives an overview on the new features of ES6 and ES7, including Object.observe, native promises, generator functions (iterators) and async functions.

The Count counting Pi - Tom S


Over 5 hours of Count von Count counting Pi to 10,000 decimal places.

CSS is a Mess - Tom S


During code reviews: "it's just CSS, meh whatever, just commit that". Jonathan Snook talks about his experiences at Yahoo and Shopify, how him and his coworkers solved unmaintainable CSS. Key points are to modularise, isolate and refactor, using good naming conventions to establish identity. No longer should we "code CSS for your page", but to "code CSS for the system". It's worth checking out Pattern Lab after watching.

Track of the Week - Chris C

Murray, Pedro and I were discussing music in the workplace last night, especially the massive cons of playing ones personal sounds throughout an open-plan office. Therefore, we have created "Track of the Week" - an opportunity every week for one person to nominate a track of their choosing to share with the internets. This week, I've chosen:

It helps to motivate me (especially when running, surprisingly) and also reminds me of the best gig I've ever attended. Good times.