Squib - Charlie E


I spent a recent Hackday working on a simple app to generate art for playing cards. Squib is a ruby DSL for generating & laying out cards - looks like a cool project.

Everything you need to know about HTTP security headers - Elena T


An article describing how to properly use HTTP security headers and what are some of the pitfalls of not using them correctly. It offers information on how to implement them in Rails, Django, Express.js, Go, Nginx, and Apache. There is also a gem made by Twitter which applies all these recommendations for you, and a few more.

Invisible Captcha - Charlie E


Simple gem for unobtrusive spam rejection in Rails. We rolled our own version of this in a recent project but it's something that would be nice to reuse on other public forms.

How Discord Stores Billions of Messages - Pawel J


A rundown from Discord on moving their 120MM messages per day storage from Mongo to Cassandra. Comes with great advice like "build quickly to prove out a product feature, but always with a path to a more robust solution".

Track of the Week - Murray S

I've never been a fan of Neko Case, K.D. Lang, or Laura Veirs individually (mostly through ignorance, rather than avoidance), but I listened to their "supergroup" album a bunch last year. The whole album is good, but the opening track says it all. It also dooesn't hurt that the papercraft-inspired video is beautiful.

"Atomic Number" by case/lang/veirs