The diversity of viewports - Tom S

A visual representation of visitor's viewport heights.

All code is debt - Oskar

Software can be an amazing tool that solves business problems. However, even with Agile software delivery, having something hard-coded into a software system reduces your ability to change, and requires maintenance. This article makes some suggestions about how to avoid having to write code in the first place.

http2 is coming - Murray

http2 - the major upgrade to everyone's favourite protocol has been approved by the IESG and will become an official RFC real soon. The above PDF by Daniel Stenberg is a great resource if you want to know what http2 is and how it came to be. Well worth reading all the way through.

Lightning - very frightening - Claire

I did a lightning talk at Ladies that UX the other night for some exposure to what it might be like to talk. These are my slides:

Redesigning the UX of Employment

Fix conflicts once with git rerere - Gavin

An interesting workflow using git comand rerere to keep a mainline and long-running branch in-sync without "dirtying" the branch with mainline commits.

7 Tips for slimming down fat Rails Models - Neil

While implementing a story recently, I was reprimanded by our static code analysis tool for making an already-podgy Model even fatter. This article offers several approaches to slimming down your Models including the extraction of Value, Service or Policy objects, as well as more advanced techniques involving Decorators and Form objects.

Track of the Week - Alex

This older track by Flume gets me there and back again

Flume - Insane feat. Moon Holiday