Content design explained - Dom M

An online CV that neatly explains the importance of great content editing in a few clicks.

Meet She Guardian - Warren H

Sculpted over two years by Russian artist Dashi Namdakov and now at home in Marble Arch. It’s London’s newest statue and is sure to be a head turner.

'Yoof' digital media consumption stats - Dom M

It's simple to make assumptions about how young people consume digital media... but here's a diary-based study of their actual habits.

Who isn't getting your JS? - Alex B

Handy research from GDS to inform your discussions/debates on how to handle users without JavaScript

Can local gov follow digi lead of central gov? - Dom M

Local gov can and should build on the success of GDS's digital transformation of central gov.

Minecraft VR - Leon O-K

I loved this. Something I always hoped would happen as a child. Lots of ways this could be used for on the ground training and development not just gaming...although it is great!

Seven future web design trends - Dom M