Write great git commit messages - Anson K


Git commits tell the story of how a code base evolved. Every developer using git writes commit messages - are you a great developer who writes great commit messages?

Organisational debt - Patrick V


Technical debt is well understood by developers, but often organisational debt is ignored and it could be worse for your company.

Old games on new systems - Murray S


I'm always interested in hearing how other parts of the software industry work. It's nice to be reminded that not everything is mashing some strings together to build an interface for storing other strings in a db. The kind of challenges that the gog team face to get these old games working on modern systems sounds fascinating.

NHS:UK alpha launches - Dominic M


The NHS launches a 12 week alpha to increase understanding of and confidence in a more “digital”, more agile, more user led approach in health and care. A very exciting prospect given the seismic shift that GDS's approach to digital government created. One to watch.

Cognitive Biases - Matt T


This is a great easy to read chart/infographic giving a description of 20 cognitive biases that affect us all and influence the way we (and others) behave. If you’ve not heard of them before it’s worth a look.

Digital marketing trends - Dominic M


A rapid checklist for a varied batch of rising digital marketing trends, as #omnichannel continues it's inevitable growth.

What makes React worth using - Anson K


React is currently one of the 'hot' javascript libraries to use. Heres why

Track of the Week - Cale T

"You Are Invited" by The Dismemberment Plan

There's something about this tracks satisfyingly simple beat and the way it tells a story that keeps me coming back. Released in 1999 as part of the album 'Emergency & I', it's a song that sounds well ahead of it's time.