Wealth, in pictures - Crystal


A bit of an old article now, but shows (in interesting and visualisable ways) how the wealth of the world is split. I like the idea of climbing 68% of the way to the moon on money.

[Discussion Thread] What simple tools or products are you most proud of making? - Charlie


Spent over an hour reading this thread; people have posted all sorts of interesting side projects. Some highlights for me:

  • followww.co - visualises redirects and cookies set along the way;
  • launchaco.com - a faster more complete domainr
  • imguru - uploads images to Imgur from the command line
  • transfer.sh - a simple CLI for file transfers.

Fast Search Using PostgreSQL Trigram Indexes - Chris H


This week I was looking at a slow query that had been causing problems in an app that I'm working on. The query was performing a "WHERE LIKE" clause against a table with millions of rows. I changed the query to use the case insensitive "ILIKE" instead of a combination of "LIKE" and the "upper" function and added a trigram index which gave significant performance improvements. This article has some useful info on trigram indexes and how to use them.

Why We Chose Turbolinks - Charlie E


From a podcast regularly interviewing people making the latest cool thing this was an interesting read about the state of Turbolinks and why they chose it for the new Changelog site.

Real World Rails Applications - Andrew W


When you're starting out learning Rails it's always a difficult step to take from a simple CRUD application to a more complicated app. Real World Rails is a collection of open source apps designed to help you ease that pain by providing tools that allow you to analyse them.

Track of the Week - Elena

It's a song from Icelandic singer Asgeir. All his songs makes me relax and focus during the workday. Enjoy!

Asgeir - King and Cross