Leap years! - Murray S


I have form when it comes to disliking programming with time and calendars, so it should come as no surprise that I enjoyed this article about how messy our calendaring systems really are.

An alternative to Rails? - Murray S


Ross Kaffenberger has been exploring Hanami and has taken the time to write up his experiences. Since hearing Luca Guidi speak about Hanami (then lotus.rb) at Brighton Ruby in 2015 it's been an itch at the back of my mind to explore it some more. Ross' article only makes that itch stronger. Even if I do and decide that I'm happy with Rails, it doesn't hurt to explore alternatives and see how they compare and what their differences can teach me.

Track of the Week - Ben W

As an immigrant you need to learn about European culture. So here's a song from the pinnacle of European cultural endeavour:

"Satellite" by Lena - Eurovision 2010 winner