You will not become agile by implementing scrum - Matt T

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it takes for organisations to become agile. This is a great article which resonated with my own experience. You can’t become agile by asking the IT department to implement a new process, organisations as a whole need to be prepared to adapt if they’re going to make the leap.

Why Signal vs. Noise has moved to Medium - Henry T

DHH describes why Signal vs. Noise, the 37 Signals blog, has moved to Medium. It's free, offers a clean writing interface and best of all increases your readership due to the social aspect. A good move! But Medium cannot be free forever so perhaps we should start to think about what has made Medium a success? A better WYSIWYG editor, a clean layout and a social network. Maybe we don't need to put our content into one basket.

Move Fast and Fix Things - Andrew W

Vincent Marti from GitHub explains how they refactored a critical piece of functionality without any user-visble impact and along the way discovered some long-standing bugs in git and libgit2.

Track of the Week - Sven A

"Rachel's Song" by Vangelis

This track, taken from the soundtrack to Bladerunner, is full of ethereal hope and longing and I think rather charmingly expresses the fragility and naivete´ of the eponymous character in the film.

Vangelis' work on this album is arguably among the greatest influences on the torrent of synthesizer music which flowed into the mainstream during the 70's and 80's and yet still remains deeply rooted in classical themes and techniques.

Rachel's Song has long been a personal favourite and I hope you enjoy it too.