Dramatically reducing the number of configuration options often impacts nobody - Oskar P


You should probably dramatically simplify the number of configurable options available in your software. This paper found that the developer could remove 5% of the system parameters, since nobody was using them. On the other end of the graph, fewer than 10% of the options were used by over 90% of users. Additionally, where developers created very flexible sets of options (dropdowns or numeric values), often only a very small percentage of these options were actually used.

Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend - Henry T


A series of increasingly contradictory points to consider as your program grows. It's a nice reminder to start simple.

Using a neural network to type emojis for you - Ben W


Somebody has used a neural network to help us type emojis - we are one step closer to the machines taking over all parts of our lives. Also, seeing the semantic space of emoji is cool.

Interviews with Jean Tabaka - Ben W


Last week Jean Tabaka died. Jean was an Agile Fellow at Rally software and has some nice insights into biases and tribes and why these matter to agile teams and organisations.

The Art of the Bodge: Emoji Keyboard 💯 - Crystal


Tom Scott shows how he used bodges to create a 14-device Emoji keyboard.

Track of the Week - Mike J

My track of the week is by an artist called Perturbator. He is a French musician specialising in synthesized music.

Neo Tokyo by Perturbator