Proto Personas take a Proto Journey - Richard S

We love proto personas and we almost always start a project by drawing some. We also draw out the standard journey of a happy user as the starting point for discussion so we love the idea of putting the two together in proto-journeys.

Persona Spectrum - Charlie

I thought this was a nice diagram, it's part of the Inclusive Design Toolkit and makes a point about the wider value of building accessible websites.

A browser-based CLI for your company - Murray S

I think this is a pretty neat idea to help people navigate all the services a company uses. I'm a bit concerned about repointing all my browser search bar traffic to a custom endpoint - but as long as the code is open I can't see why it wouldn't be a better alternative than everyone having to create a bunch of bookmarks themselves.

Sites can fingerprint you accross multiple browsers - Charlie

By getting browsers to perform tasks that give away attributes of the host machine, it's possible to track the same device across sessions from multiple browsers. Tasks make use of the GPU and the installed fonts among other features to build profiles.

Track of the Week - Lawrence R

It’s been quite warm this week hasn’t it? Is it too early to think that winters finally coming to an end and spring (definitely the best season) is soon on the way?

Recomposed by Max Richter - Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, 1. Spring