SVGOMG - Richard A

You know when you look inside an SVG and you see all that <!-- Generator: Adobe Illustrator 19.0.0, SVG Export Plug-In .... nonsense? Or when you try and load an SVG and there's too much whitespace around it for some reason, or when they don't resize as you'd expect, or one of the myriad other reasons why SVGs sometimes just don't make sense?

Try running your files through this lovely little app - think of it like Photoshop's save for web function, but for SVGs. It trims out the fat, optimises for performance, and generally making it less bloated and useable in your web pages, and it's all nicly customisable.

Oh, and it runs offline once you've cached it in your browser, which is nice.

The GitHub GraphQL API - Henry T

Github are moving away from RESTful JSON APIs and towards Facebook's GraphQL. The Overview/Usage section of the Ruby gem they used gives you a quick idea of what an implementation looks like.

Slack's Architecture with Keith Adams - Charlie E

Not sure how keen everyone is on podcasts but if you've ever wondered how Slack fits together behind the scenes this is worth a listen. (As are many of the other episodes for that matter)

Track of the Week - Richard S

A friend of mine has this on a continuous loop and forced me to listen to it more than once!

Johnny and Mary by Todd Terje/Bryan Ferry