Product Design Playbook - Boris D

As we’re refining our own version of a mix of Design Thinking / Agile / Lean methodologies, it’s always interesting to see what others are thinking and writing about this topic. This article offers a good overview of some of the principles and approaches we employ ourselves in our product development work. Via Martyn.

Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs - Elena T

The "holy war" on tabs versus spaces, also mentioned in the Silicon Valley TV show, now with in-your-face statistics! If you haven't watched Silicon Valley here's the relevant clip

MacRansom: Offered as Ransomware as a Service - Elena T

An exercise in white-hat hacking, this article describes what it's like to run a ransomware on a Macbook.

History of the browser user-agent string - Elena T

Unless you already knew why a lot of browsers mis-identify as Mozilla in their user agents, this article will give you the historical context of how we got in this situation.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Murray S

I loved Choose Your Own Adventure game books when I was younger, and then I moved onto the more complex Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf books as I got a bit older. So it's right up my street to see the structure of some of these original CYOA game books mapped out. It's always interesting to use data visualisation techniques to explore something and give you a different perspective on it (for example generating ERD diagrams of your models to see dependencies).

Newham Council: Improving residential access and support to homelessness services - the Discovery and Alpha phases - Graeme M

All about one of our recent projects with Newham Council, the Local Government Association have published a case study.

Track of the Week - Neil VB

It's indie pop with an added organ

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - Vaness from Queens