matchMedia is more efficient than .resize() - Tom S

When optimising for the mobile web, we may want to change functionality based on a media query. Usually I put in a jQuery resize function and check the width each time the page resizes. However, matchMedia proved a much more efficient way of performing this functionality change based on a media query.

Visual intro to machine learning - Tadas T

I still haven't decided if these visualisations in the article are more helpful or distracting, but they are awesome and worth checking even if machine learning is not your cup of tea.

LIDAR model of the UK - Henry T

The Environmental Agency have announced they will be releasing their LIDAR data of the UK. An 11TB 3D map. A reason they cite for releasing it is to create games. Good eh?

Track of the Week - Tim H

"Get Your Feet Outta My Shoes" by The Boothill Foot Tappers

This is a great 80s tune that is one of my all-time favs. Brings back so many memories of being young and coding in COBOL and FORTRAN!