Writing CSS as a software engineer - Tom S


Harry Roberts (http://csswizardry.com/) recently spoke at Render conference this year and it was by far my favourite talk. His talk was about bringing software design patterns to CSS development, such as DRY, the single responsibility principle, the separation of concerns, immutability and the open/closed principle.

Repokémon - Github Repos with Pokémon names - Jack B


Scroll down to see my most popular repository! (Smeargle)

And see if you can take inspiration for a project idea from any of the untaken pokémon names.

Integrating React with Rails - Tom S


A sample Rails application using Shopify’s Sprockets::Commoner gem to enable us to use npm packages and Babel transformations in Sprockets. Follow the commit history to see the simple setup for a React application.

Track of the Week - Jon Pepler

This song just reminds me of summers relaxing outside after stressful university exam seasons. Makes me want to do a barbecue, actually.

The Rip Tide by Beirut