Desire paths - Henry T

Desire paths are visible lines of erosion where the traffic has taken the route it desires rather than where it was intended to go. I learned the term recently but apparently it's as old as the hills. There are lots of analogies to product development out there. Should we support emergent behaviour, make our intended behaviour even easier etc. The pictures are the best bit.

Don't start with a monolith - Patrick V

Stefan Tilkov talks about when it might be a better to start a new system with a microservice architecture. The reasonable conclusion is when you know the domain well enough to be able to partition the system well. This is in contrast to what seems prevalent - do the monolith first -

"Emoji - how do they work 😕?"- Murray S

More information than you ever thought you needed on what emoji are and how they are implemented in browsers (particularly focussing on chrome; Monica was part of the chrome team at one point). I love deep-dive articles like this!

Track of the Week - Matt T

I've been thinking a lot about Ibiza the last few weeks for one reason and another (holiday already booked). This tune captures the spirit of the island that I love... CANNOT WAIT to go back!

Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz ft. Will Heard