Blog / Unboxed Roundup: Our links for w/c 1st June 2015

June 5, 2015

Don’t use before_action to load data - Tom S

I follow this pattern for most Rails apps, however after reading this short opinion article, I totally agree and have started to follow his alternative instead. Short summary is, yes, loading data in before actions keeps the controller DRY, but perhaps too DRY. The alternative is to explicitly set the instance variables for each action - it will read much clearer.

Comfortable Mexican Sofa - Grant S

  • If you’re looking for a Rails engine to manage page content that does not get in the way of your normal development
  • If you require a simple page CMS section to your site, that has layouts, pages and snippets
  • Especially if it’s not the core of the business/product

Martin Fowler on Microservices - Tadas T

With so much hype surrounding microservices it’s great to have someone as reputable as Martin Fowler to bring back some common sense and critical thinking into the discussion.

Take control of your mail with Mailbox - Tom S

Mailbox (by Dropbox) for iOS has been around for a little bit of time already, however I’ve only just found out that there is a beta Mac app as well. I finally feel in control of my numerous email accounts after failing miserably to use Mac’s native mail app smart mailboxes (which is simply fully of bugs). Organise important emails that you want to save into lists, otherwise archive them and try and get your badge count down to 0!

A journey into building a side project - Pedro M

I found this blog detailing the process of making Cushion app come to life. It is a really interesting read end to end and also includes an “Expenses” page, giving insight into the evolving cost of running a project on your own.

Large Scale Payments Systems and Ruby on Rails - Warren

Great article on developing an online payment system in Ruby that can scale and grow over time.

AirBnB’s style guide for JavaScript and Ruby

NASA Got Hackers to Design a Zero G Drone for Space - Dom M

Dom link

NASA reach out to hacker community for inspirational ideas for their zero-g drone designs.

Track of the Week - Tom S

This has got a nice summer-evening-feelin’

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