Blog / Unboxed Roundup: Our links for w/c 18th May 2015

May 22, 2015

Better ways for team discussion - Carmen B

I really like this article. It brings into the open something that many teams experience and I feel it’s healthy - discussions. Questioning things from the different perspectives of a multidisciplinary team make our product services/products stronger. However, many times these discussions might be too long and sometimes unproductive. Knowing how much you care about what you’re supporting and sensing or even asking the other party seems to me like a great idea. I also love the fact that the author remind us that when we get into this type of discussions is because we care, good to keep in mind.

The great progressive enhancement debate (again) - Murray S

The debate about how to build websites is one that will never end. It’s also cyclical as we seem to be back at the part in the debate where we argue about doing things with progressive enhancement vs. just supporting the latest and greatest browsers. The articles and talk I’ve linked to above all put forward convincing arguments for the benefits of progressive enhancement: it gives you support for all the combinations of browser type and connection quality you might encounter without sacrificing the ability to use new techniques when available. Of course, YMMV; I’m firmly on the “use progressive enhancement” side of the debate so there’s clear confirmation bias at play.

Optimising a slow build? You’re solving the wrong problem - Alan T

Is a slow running build something you should fix or a symptom of deeper problems?

LXC – Running 14,000 tests per day and beyond! (Part 1) - Oskar P

LXC – Automating Containers aka Virtual Madness (Part 2) - Oskar P

Continuing the testing theme using large-scale LXC docker containers to do run test suites 14,000 times a day within 5 minutes.

Easy scheduling from Sunrise - Tadas T

A creative use of custom iOS keyboards to allow efficient scheduling of one-to-ones: reduces a lot of back and forth with: “Does this work for you?”

I love a hug - Claire K

I did not get one when I gave this talk a few weeks ago because it was too early in the morning and people were still in bed. But this stuff is very important. And it makes a difference. So please do it. Did you know that a hug that lasts for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, which can make someone trust you more. Trust me!

Track of the Week - Anson K

Pokes fun at the “wannabe gangstas” and how they try hard to be something they are not. Reminds me of some people I knew growing up.