Sublime Text Tips - Charlie

This is a really great outline of the capabilities & features of Sublime Text.

Database Optimisation - Henry

To be taken under consideration... but the lol_dba gem installed and ran in seconds and gave me a couple of good clues for database column indexes my current project could benefit from.

Dev along with Pedro

OO Videos

These two videos from Hashrocket's Lunch n' Learn series featuring Sandi Metz ( and go into a lot of interesting points regarding OO and testing.

Testing webhooks

I usually enjoy reading Henrik Nyh’s blog and he has been on a roll recently. This post contains some good tips on using ActionDispatch::Integration::Session to test things like receiving webhooks in your feature tests.

Time for a boolean

The time_for_a_boolean gem by Caleb Thompson presents some food for thought regarding database design and boolean fields. While I haven’t used the gem, I will be exploring adding an *_at datetime field along with boolean attributes that reflect state.

Panamax: Docker Management for Humans - Ben W is something to try if you can’t be bothered to get containers working by yourself.