Boring Developers - Murray

The article is specifically about being a boring front-end developer, but I think the general principle applies to all developers. Take a calm and measured approach and think about all of your users, remembering that users here means people using your software and the future developers working on your code.

Angular JS: The Bad Parts - Murray

This Thoughtworks Insights article about Angular.JS mines a similar vein to the article above. It sounds like using angular has been a bit of a mistake for the team. The main point here isn't that angular is bad per se, indeed it's probably very good at what it does, but that you have to understand how it integrates with the rest of your technology stack and what impact that will have. It's fine to learn a new technology, but maybe you don't also want to have to learn a bunch of new supporting technologies at the same time.

Vanilla JS <-> JQuery - Murray

A new blog comparing the vanilla JS and jQuery needed to perform the same actions. There's only one post so far, but I think this could be really good and am keen to see more. I know there's a bit of a movement to move away from jQuery, or use lighter weight alternatives, so this blog serves as a nice reminder of what you can do without just reaching for jQuery. Yes it will be more code, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad thing.