markdown_checkboxes - Chris B

I found this very handy little gem whilst developing an internal app which might be useful for other projects. markdown_checkboxes renders checkboxes from markdown, Github style, e.g.:

- [ ] Some task to do
- [x] A task I've done already

It also lets you update the status of the checkboxes by clicking through a simple PUT/PATCH request. There's more details on the announcement blog post

How RSpec stubs and mocks work - Murray

This presentation by Sam Phippen is an interesting take on the usual stubs and mocks presentation. Instead of providing arguments for (or against) a stubs and mocks approach to testing Sam instead tells us exactly how the relevant code from the rspec-mocks library actually works. I quite like this sort of deep dive talk about the design decisions of the libraries we use day-in, day-out as often we treat them like black-boxes, but if we know how they work under-the-hood they'll surprise us less when we use them, and it might even unlock how to use them in a new way we hadn't considered before.

Design is hard and partitioning is hard - Patrick V

These are some thoughts on partitioning by Kent Beck, which seem to make sense and could be useful to experiment with or to better understand what you might be doing already.