We are very excited to be launching our first podcast, Thoughts Unboxed! In this conversation we are talking about the intriguing topic of boreout. It’s something that we hadn’t really heard about until Rosanna, our Delivery Manager, talked about having some experience of it in a previous role. Once we got talking we realised that we have probably all had experiences of feeling bored, undervalued or disengaged in our workplaces and how uncomfortable that can be. We’re no doubt all familiar with burnout and what that means for our wellbeing, but we discovered that boreout has pretty much the same negative effect on our physical and mental health.

In this conversation we talk about what we’ve learned about boreout, our personal experiences and how it’s affected us, and how important a good culture in the workplace is for ensuring that people don’t have this experience. But importantly if they do, then how important it is to have a work environment where they feel comfortable and supported to say what they need.

It’s the first time we’ve done a podcast and it’s fair to say there were definitely some nerves about doing the recording; who likes the sound of their own voice right?! We also realised that Fiacré has a voice made for radio! We are learning and iterating as we go. But we are really pleased with this first outing and excited to see how it develops and who we can get involved along the way. There are so many interesting things we want to talk about; our working culture, the great projects we work on, the people we work with, and our pets might even get a look in too! So we are hoping to record a number of podcasts throughout the year and would love people to get involved, subscribe and give us some feedback.

Click to listen below.

Written by Vicky Peel