A shorter than usual dev newsletter this week, in no way related to its coinciding with the Unboxed Christmas party.

Fast Rails Tests Through Behavior Verification (Pawel)

A goodly amount of hints and tips about getting your Rails tests to run faster; mostly through changing the design of your code. http://chill.manilla.com/2012/11/15/fast-rails-tests/

A Ruby Design Process

Brian Ford aka brixen, one of the creators of Rubinius talks about his proposal for a Ruby design process. Well worth reading if you have the future of the language at heart.


Elnode - an Emacs version of node.js (Matt F)

Elnode is an asynchronous web server written in Emacs LISP. Why not.


Removal of like and not_like from Rails 4 (Murray)

As a follow up to our previous newsletter:

They've removed the like and not_like operators from Rails 4 because of <%= reasons %>. Oh well. There's always gems like Squeel, shame we can't have a richer API exposed directly in ActiveRecord in core though (even if it is probably available by dropping down to Arel).


Steve B sends in his usual "wodge of links":