Enjoy the long weekend, folks!

Drag and drop bootstrap design - MattP

Rapid prototyping with drag+drop twitter bootstrap - http://www.layoutit.com/ explains all

Intern - Carl

Automated cross browser JavaScript testing. It's like a smart TestSwarm which can run locally or against saucelabs/your own selenium grid. I think I'll be giving this a crack. It's async stuff is promise based because that's cool.


An intervention for ActiveRecord - Leo


An interesting slide deck by Ernie Miller from this week's RailsConf 2013 on ActiveRecord's inherent ugliness. Featuring a cameo appearance by our very own Murray Steele on slide 99. Definitely looking forward to watching the video when it comes out.

Toyota, Respect for People (or “Humanity”) and Lean - Ben Wong


  • “respect for people is the attitude that regards people’s ability to think most.”
  • Respect is not about being nice, nor is it about having great “people skills.” It’s about challenging people to perform to their peak ability, not being superficially nice.

Use GitX? Forget it, try GitXXX - Will

Some lovely person has forked GitX and added all the features we all thought should have been there in the first place. You can now push, pull, rebase, cherry-pick, view source, blame, and history for a repo, use a beautiful new sidebar. It even does a limited kind of syntax highlighting. Forget git towers, it's GitX all the way now.

It's here: http://brotherbard.com/blog/

Losing your rubies? - Will

I'm sure the experienced rubyists among us already know this, but I've only just discovered this one and I think it's one everyone should know.

Having trouble tracking down where a method is coming from? Don't know if your method has been abducted by evil, black magick monkeys? Try this:

method(:image_tag).source_location ===> ["/Users/will/.rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02@nature_jobs_rails_3/gems/actionpack-3.2.11/lib/action_view/helpers/asset_tag_helper.rb", 356]